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AMALGAMATED SERVICES, INC. (ASI) is a full-service mechanical contractor specializing in HVACR, Plumbing, Facilities Maintenance, and Government Procurement. Through a blend of years of industry experience and the implementation of best practices, ASI has brought the client sound technical service and support, incorporated into a dynamic and efficient operating platform. Skilled, well-trained, and well-equipped field technicians, for example, are already in place, as is an exemplary office staff, each prepared to meet the clients’ HVACR, Plumbing, Facility Maintenance, and Government Procurement needs


ASI understands that the economic pressures facing businesses today require prompt delivery of services while simultaneously expending minimal resources. In its simplest form, ASI has developed a reduced cost structure by incorporating proven best practices to stave off unnecessary expenses. ASI delivers only timely, quality service at competitive rates. When you need Mechanical, Plumbing, Facility Maintenance, or Government Procurement services, think AMALGAMATED and have Amalgamated Services, Inc. quote your next project, fill your next service needs, or assist in procuring products and materials in quantities of your choosing

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Years of Experience in the HVACR, Mechanical, and Plumbing trades

ASI Focuses on Getting the Job Done Right the First Time

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21024 S. 80th Ave. Frankfort, IL 60423
Tel: 815.464.8447 Fax: 815.464.5196
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